25/17 New trends in Chikankari

Chikankari, originally is a Persian white embroidery done muslin fabric. Traditionally its done on pastel colors and thread used is similar to color of fabric. With the passage of time, now chikan is done on many colors and fabric. [Image-mediacacheak0.pinimg, cdn.shopify.com] Even in sarees, now, many different fabrics are used. Be it georgette, chiffon, silk. This … Continue reading 25/17 New trends in Chikankari


25/14 Chikan – The White Embroidery

Chikankari, the finest white embroidery is an art from Persia. However, its origin is a debatable matter, but all the possibilities of its origin suggest that this embroidery was introduced into the Indian subcontinent with the landing of Persians. Now what sets it apart from other embroidery techniques? Well the answer to this question lies … Continue reading 25/14 Chikan – The White Embroidery