India Gate Visit

So me and my group we went to India Gate today and interacted with the people who work/ have come to visit the place.

A little history about the place, India Gate is a War Memorial constructed in 12 February, 1931, to honor the dead British and Indian soldiers in World War 1. It is located in country’s capital New Delhi, 2.3 kms in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan, official residence of President of India.

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This gate was designed by Sir Edwyn Lutyens, a leading war memorial designer at that time. A member of the IWGC (Imperial War Graves Commission), he designed sixty-six war memorials in Europe.

The design of India Gate is very much similar to Arch de Triomphe in Paris, France. Situated at the centre of a hexagonal complex with a diameter of 625m and a total area of 360,000 m2, the India Gate is 42m in height and 9.1m in width. The building material is primarily Red and yellow sandstones sourced from Bharatpur. The structure stands on a low base and rises in asymmetrical steps crowned with a shallow dome at the top. There is also a vacant canopy in front of the monument under which once stood the statue of George V in his coronation robes, Imperial State Crown, British globus cruciger and scepter. The statue was later shifted to Coronation Park in 1960 and the empty canopy symbolizes the British retreat from India. (Read more.)

Arche de Triomphe