About Me-

Hi! My name is Shivam and I’m a Fashion designing student. Since childhood I had a thing for art and drawing and stuff. I am very good at sketching and painting. Do check my facebook page at – Shivam’s Art Gallery

I am literally the only one in my circle of friends who has gone into this design field, so it makes me unique over there, lol. I love making DIY stuff, crafts, etc. I love making stuff out of garbage in my free time. I never get bored of it. What else?… hmm… well I have a thing for dogs, I love them! I have one pet dog, and 4 stray dogs who are also my pets…. So that’s pretty much all about me.

About my blog-

This blog is actually part of my research assignment in college. But I always wanted to make a blog and share my art and craft ideas to people. Currently through this blog, I wanted to spread the various arts and crafts of India and my hometown, Lucknow. Later I would also post about my creations, and random thoughts about life. Hoping that you all would like it.