25/22 My take on chikankari

So yesterday I thought of making some chikankari sample myself. So I borrowed my mom’s embroidery frame and some anchor threads. She has a old rustic round box where she keeps all the “not-so-useful” stuff related to embroidery. Luckily she didn’t throw all of it and now its coming of use to me. Sounds strange but ya.  So I grabbed a basic chikan pattern from internet and tried to replicate the same.

So I tried……and I tried….and concluded that Chikankari is not easy! Its been almost a day and I haven’t been able to complete it.

So what’s my experience? Well at first it was really exciting because its something really new and unique that I was gonna do. There’s actually a rhythm that one has to follow while doing chikan work. If the needle is put at a wrong place it can spoil the beauty of the entire stitch, so it really requires your utmost concentration and focus. It also takes a lot of time. I mean, you see the flower? It actually took me a whole span of 30 mins to complete it. It’s definitely tiring but the final outcome is so pretty!

A big salute to all the chikankari workers to make an entire garment!

I’m almost halfway through the design and it was fun, I really enjoyed doing it and looking forward to completing it. Will surely post when I’m done with it.



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