25/20 Global Scenario

Chikankari, an embroidery form, originated in Mughal era with the landing of Persians. The golden days of chikankari were the days of mughal period. however, with the collapse of the dynasty, the chikan industry also fell apart. It experienced a major downfall during the British rule.

It was only after the industrial revolution that Chikan begin to re-emerge with the same popularity it had before. It took no time in being commercialized. The Bollywood Film fraternity, as well as smaller design enterprises, played a big part in nationally restoring the respect and appreciation Chikan work always deserved.

“The crafts sector alone provides employment to 23 million people in India. The crafts have been integral part of cultural life, though traditional craft skills need sensitive adaptation, proper quality cannot suitable pricing and improved designs to meet customer demand and their satisfaction. However, many artisans face the problems of finance, technology and skill up gradation, production and marketing of goods. The chikan industry has enjoyed the patronage of Nawabs and rulers of Awadh. With the change of time the policies for its promotion and development were evolved by government. However, the socio-economic status of chikan workers has remained pathetic. Even, they are exploited by the private sector since there are no organized efforts to develop and promote chikan industry at present.”[Life, 2017]
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