25/17 New trends in Chikankari

Chikankari, originally is a Persian white embroidery done muslin fabric. Traditionally its done on pastel colors and thread used is similar to color of fabric. With the passage of time, now chikan is done on many colors and fabric.

[Image-mediacacheak0.pinimg, cdn.shopify.com]

Even in sarees, now, many different fabrics are used. Be it georgette, chiffon, silk.

Chikankari saree on Silk (Image-ak0.scstatic.net)

This was about colors, talking about new motifs and techniques added in this, include Muqqaish work, gota patti and mirror work.

“Mukesh work also known as Mokaish, Mukeish or Mukaish is a type of embroidery done in the capital of Uttar Pradesh i.e. Lucknow. This type of embroidery involves twisting thin metallic threads to create patterns all over the fabric. Although the most common pattern is dots, other patterns are also created in Mukesh work.” [Pedia, 2017]

Muqqaish work on chikan. (Image-nationtrendz.com)

Gota Patti or Gota work is a type of Indian embroidery that originated in Rajasthan, India. Gota embroidery uses the applique technique. Small pieces of zari ribbon are applied onto the fabric with the edges sewn down to create elaborate patterns. Gota embroidery is used extensively in South Asian wedding and formal clothes.

Gota Patti in chikankari (Image-smediacacheak0.pinimg)

Mirror work refers to addition of mirrors on fabrics.

Chikan kurta with Mirror work in the Palazzo (Image-smediacacheak0.pinimg.com)


[1]Pedia, T. (2017). Mukesh or Mukeish: Traditional Embroidery | Utsavpedia. [online] Utsavpedia. Available at: http://www.utsavpedia.com/motifs-embroideries/mukesh-mukeish/ [Accessed 6 Feb. 2017].

[2]En.wikipedia.org. (2017). Gota (embroidery). [online] Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gota_(embroidery) [Accessed 6 Feb. 2017].


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