25/16 Designs and Motifs

The sources of designs in Chikankari is Mughal since thats where the art hails from. Some similar elements are visible in ornamentation o Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikhri.

Designs in Taj mahal (Image-mediacacheak0.pinimg)

Due to Persian influence on this art form, all the designs are floral in nature. In a typical chikankari, all designs revolve around flowers and vines. The designs in chikankari are named according to the stitch used to make them, eg Murri ka buta. 

Most common element used in chikankari is paisley.

Paisley with jaali work (Image-mediacacheak0.pinimg)

Another common element is a bel or creeper which is like floral vines. This one is usually done with a Bakhiya stitch.

Creeper motif

In a typical chikankari garment, there is a repetition of a group of elements thereby creating a whole composition. Also one garment features only one kind stitch coupled with the jaali work and/or Murri.

Image Source- Mediacacheak0.pinimg


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