25/6 Dont Hut me down

Next are the beautiful huts in the village complex of Crafts Museum. Before going to the huts, i’d like to mention about these beautiful metal carvings in the entry gate of this complex. this type of art comes from chattisgarh.


First is the Kullu Hut from Himachal Pradesh. This hut made of stones has roof of slate tiles.

The next is the Gond hut, a part of Mandala district, its actually a cluster of several huts.” Unlike the other huts, Gond huts will be erected of mud, grass, branches, bamboo and sometimes even tiles! Owing to their indulgence in devising metal products, you will also find their huts decorated with various articles made of metal.”[Extraordinary Experiences, 2017]. The pictures of common motifs are also given below.

Last is the Banni Hut, which is constructed with sun dried bricks and thatched with local weeds, this local hut protects inhabitants from hot desert winds. “The clustering of huts and the arrangement of open spaces reflect their life-styles and social structure. Faintly discernible – in many many different ways, from painted wall decorations to jewellery designs – is an underpinning of other aspirations, intimations of deeper and more primordial myths and images.” [Jain and Baker, 2017]



[1]Extraordinary Experiences. (2017). The Gond tribe of India – Extraordinary Experiences. [online] Available at: http://indebo.com/blog/northern-india/the-gond-tribe-of-india/ [Accessed 27 Jan. 2017].

[2]Jain, J. and Baker, L. (2017). Banni, Kutch. [online] Architexturez South Asia. Available at: https://architexturez.net/doc/az-cf-123665 [Accessed 27 Jan. 2017].


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