25/5 From the valley’s of Kashmir

Now comes this beautiful Papier Mache (Derived from French, meaning mashed paper)Art from Kashmir.This type of art was born in Persia and raised in Kashmir. It truly represents the artistic zeal of the craftsmen in Kashmir.

The art was originally known as ‘Kar-i-qalamdan’ as it was confined to ornamentation of cases used to store pencils, but later it was also used to smoothen the surface of paper (Known as kar-i-munaqqash).

It involves two processes- Sakhtsazi(making the object) and Naqashi (Painting the object)

The initial drawings are made using yellow color (zarda) and spaces are left for the floral patterns which are stained with white paint. Then they are painted with different colors.

For painting, hairs of goat and cat are used as brush and all colors are organic.The brushes used are different from the brushes used by artists.

(For details of the process, please refer to-http://theindiacrafthouse.blogspot.in/2012/01/papier-mache-art-born-in-land-of-persia.html)img20170105140754


[1]Theindiacrafthouse.blogspot.in. (2017). Papier Mache – Art born in the land of Persia and raised in Kashmir. [online] Available at: http://theindiacrafthouse.blogspot.in/2012/01/papier-mache-art-born-in-land-of-persia.html [Accessed 26 Jan. 2017].


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