25/4 Sanjhi Art and Mini Paintings

Sanjhi art, “The Miracle of Paper and scissors”, is the art of paper cutting. Its the traditional art of stenciling from Mathura. “Known for its inherent spiritual implications that reach beyond immediate aesthetic appeal, it is considered to be one of the finest arts of spiritual expression.” [The Isha Blog, 2017]

The word ‘Sanjhi’ is derived from the word ‘Sandhaya’ which is the period of dusk, with which the art form is associated.The main theme revolves around mythological themes of Krishna’s Leela.


[Image Source-https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/02/ff/9a/02ff9ad14d2b8639f74e43d0be05b8f2.jpg, 2017]

Next are the Miniature Paintings from Kashmir. They are a blend of Indian and persian styles that evolved in the mughal courts. They are book sized paintings and natural colors are used which are applied using squirrels’ hair as brush.




[1]The Isha Blog. (2017). Sanjhi Art – The Miracles of Paper and Scissors. [online] Available at: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/inside-isha/isha-yoga-center/sanjhi-art/ [Accessed 26 Jan. 2017].

[2] Image Source- https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/02/ff/9a/02ff9ad14d2b8639f74e43d0be05b8f2.jpg. (2017). [image].



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