25/3-1 And then the walls echoed

Moving on with my tour, this catches everyone’s eyes, these are the beautiful wall paintings from around India.

In ancient times, we Indians conveyed the messages of our culture or values through the medium of art, this made way to these tribal paintings. Originated in different parts of India, each of the paintings conveys messages about the people who made them.

So first are these Warli paintings, originated in the warli tribes of Gujarat-Maharshtra border. The distinct feature of these pantings are the stylised human figures. They are shown by making two triangles, where the upper represents the top and lower represents the abdomen. The most famous motif of warli is the ‘Tarpa Dance’, Tarpa is a musical instrument. One of the person is shown playing it and then men and women gather around it in spiral form, joining hands. These paintings dont have much colors.

“For the painting, the wall was prepared with cow dung; a rectangular part of the wall was given a coating of geru (red mud). When this had dried up, a brownish red surface was created.” [Anon, 2017] To make the painting, rice powder is used and is applied using straws.


[1]Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/21896/10/10_chapter3.pdf [Accessed 25 Jan. 2017].


2 thoughts on “25/3-1 And then the walls echoed

  1. dear Bunny
    All your paintings are visual treats for me. I eagerly wait for them specially Warli paintings. The one u had drawn on the entrance of your house is still there. It reminds me of you. Keep it up.


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