25/10 More ART at Haat

So moving on with Dilli Haat and the new art forms I encountered, include Chikankari, from Lucknow, Lamp shades, Metal carvings. Showing a wide variety of colors and the artistic zeal of the craftsmen. All in all Dilli Haat is an amazing place to visit once! Along with art and craft you will find loads … Continue reading 25/10 More ART at Haat


25/7 Adieu Crafts museum

This last post about craft museum is featuring the "Konyak Morung" from Nagaland and the beautiful stone carving on "Gateway to Haveli" from Rajasthan. Konyak Morung is a traditionally built Naga hut. The Morung or Bachelor system was an essential part of Naga's Land and culture. A typical Morung is embellished with hunting trophies and … Continue reading 25/7 Adieu Crafts museum

25/5 From the valley’s of Kashmir

Now comes this beautiful Papier Mache (Derived from French, meaning mashed paper)Art from Kashmir.This type of art was born in Persia and raised in Kashmir. It truly represents the artistic zeal of the craftsmen in Kashmir. The art was originally known as 'Kar-i-qalamdan' as it was confined to ornamentation of cases used to store pencils, but … Continue reading 25/5 From the valley’s of Kashmir

25/4 Sanjhi Art and Mini Paintings

Sanjhi art, "The Miracle of Paper and scissors", is the art of paper cutting. Its the traditional art of stenciling from Mathura. "Known for its inherent spiritual implications that reach beyond immediate aesthetic appeal, it is considered to be one of the finest arts of spiritual expression." [The Isha Blog, 2017] The word 'Sanjhi' is … Continue reading 25/4 Sanjhi Art and Mini Paintings

25/3-3 And then the walls echoed

Moving on next we have Madhubani, a tribal art from Bihar (Maithili Village) and West Bengal. Unlike Warli, this has a blast of colors. Its done using Bamboo sticks and all colors are made naturally. Also known as Maithili paintings, the central theme of them revolve around Hindu deities like Krishna, Rama, Lakshmi, Shiva, Durga … Continue reading 25/3-3 And then the walls echoed

25/3-2 And then the walls echoed

Next are these Muriya Paintings from Chattisgarh. Painted by Meheru Netam, this form of art is inspired from Warli as is visible. "This kind of paintings depicts pictures of traditional tribal rituals. Most of the paintings are related to the celebrations of their customary ceremonies. The walls and the floors are painted with vibrant colors … Continue reading 25/3-2 And then the walls echoed